I'm terrible at video games, but play anyway.

Clash Royale: player tag #298Q8V Clash of Clans: player tag #PG2P8UQ0Pokemon Go trainer code: 6366 7501 4240Harry Potter Wizards Unite: 6595 2658 7931Jurassic World Alive: WodkaFish #9088Brawl Stars: player tag #2VY8VYC0Xbox Gamertag: VodkaFishBoom Beach... not sure there's an API site, let me know if you find one. Not sure I'm playing too much longer either, but here's my tag: #8YRJJV8QI'm extra-special bad at Fortnite. Find me on Xbox or iOS.Feel free to give me an extra life on HQ Trivia. My code... vodkafish (of course)


Playing around with showing everyone how terrible I am.